Not Quite Sure What to Think of People Today

I witnessed a car wreck about a half hour ago. No one was injured, which was astonishing given the severity of the wreck.

What happened was this:

I was slowing down as I drove up to an intersection. It was that moment when the light has just turned from red to green. The first line of cars started to move, and then stopped as a lady ran the red light. A guy in the third or fourth lane didn’t see the car coming, and he drove through the intersection. The cars collided.

And everyone who saw it just drive off. They didn’t stop to make sure everyone was okay. They didn’t stick around to serve as witnesses to the accident. Nothing. Out of the roughly ten cars that saw what happened, maybe two stopped. I say maybe two, because there was one other woman who stuck around until the police arrived. I don’t know if she was driving or walking down the street.

Two people got out of their cars to make sure the people involved were all right. Two.

That’s just fucking depressing.

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