Well That Figures…

I’m not what anyone would call the most fitness minded person in the world.

I usually go to the gym about twice a week with the goal of doing enough exercise to convince myself that the next time I go, I’ll really start working out.  I find that this keeps me looking like I’m about a month from reaching whatever fitness goals I pretend to have, and I’m fine with that.  As long as I don’t slip into the “I’m two months from reaching my goals” category, I feel like I’m winning the war.  And it’s pretty easy to maintain that level of fitness, because I don’t have any actual goals to speak of.

Mostly, I just like working out on a semi-regular basis, because I feel good afterwards.

But I’ve taken around a month off.  And today I thought, “I feel like working out again.”

So I went to the gym.

And it was closed for remodeling.

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